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The Cast Iron Self Feeding Fireplace Cradle Grate™ is a multifunctional fireplace grate that allows you to get the most direct heat from you fireplace. Rotate it higher to the back position and the Cast Iron acts as a fireback directing more heat into your room. Adjusting the high side to the front, allows for larger and longer burning fires or when burning trash and it will keep fire and smoke inside the fireplace. With it's clever design the fuel is gravity fed and burns in the grate's fire zone not under it.

"The last fireplace grate you will ever buy"


  • More Heat
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Longer Burning
  • Controls Fire
  • Gravity Feeds Your Wood
  • Fuel Will Burn In The Grate - Not Under It

  Traditional Fireplace Grate

See Our Grate Selection Our one piece cast iron flat bottom style fireplace grate with a depth of 12 1/2" is ideal for fireplaces and Franklin Stoves.
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Fireplace Radiator Turn your fireplace into a forced air heat blowing furnace. The Fireplace Radiator™ is the best heat exchanger on the market and also acts as your new fireplace grate. You burn right on the tubes! No grate is necessary. Find out more